Our Credo

Our primary responsibility is to America’s students who deserve high quality education. We believe that school leaders must ensure that education is more than test scores; it must provide students with opportunities to think creatively, to apply knowledge thoughtfully and to question critically. We believe that educators must infuse a love of learning and sense of exploration in all students.

We are responsible to boards of education to assist them in finding leaders for their school districts and to provide them with high quality consulting services on leadership, planning, governance and other topics. Our contract is with boards of education, and we are answerable to them. Our consulting services will be current, practical and designed to bring districts to a higher level. In our search work, we will bring the finest candidates available based on their proven leadership, ethical character, and ability to work positively with others. We strive to assure that all work we undertake will be completed at the highest level of quality and will be aligned with the district’s values and traditions. We encourage open and respectful communication between our firm and board members regarding the issues and findings relevant to our contract with them. We further pledge to boards of education that we will be fiscally responsible with costs that are within our control.

We are responsible to the candidates with whom we work in a search process. Our candidates will be treated with respect and fairness at all times. We pledge to uphold their confidentiality, as appropriate both legally and ethically. We will bring candidates forward who we believe will be successful in the search process, and who are serious about attaining new leadership positions. Candidates will receive our best counsel as they move forward in a search process, and we will not withhold information that is important for their ultimate success in a district.

Our final responsibility is to the members of our firm. We pledge to provide open communication and a collaborative working environment for our firm members. We will provide our consultants with protocols and tools to complete their work successfully. We believe that as consultants, we play an important role in the future of our children through the searches we conduct.