1. What are School Exec Connect areas of specialization?

School Exec Connect consultants conduct searches for all levels of school administrators including superintendents, central office administrators, and principals.
We also consult with boards and district leaders on a variety of leadership topics including: strategic planning, teambuilding, superintendent evaluation, board governance, goal setting, board retreats and communication assessments.
We offer mentoring and executive coaching for administrators who wish to increase their leadership skill.

2. Does School Exec Connect conduct searches for organizations other than public schools?

School Exec Connect undertakes searches for private schools, technical/vocational schools, special education consortiums, and all other organizations related to education.

3. What is the suggested timeframe for a superintendent search?

Traditional searches usually extend over a period of 16-18 weeks, but the timeframe may be shortened or lengthened.  The School Exec Connect consultants tailor your search based upon your specific needs.  We have conducted searches in as little time as three weeks.

4. Does School Exec Connect actively recruit candidates as well as accept applications?

Yes, the School Exec Connect consultants have an extensive network.  They hold memberships in numerous state and nation educational organizations, allowing them to know personally many of the finest school administrators nation-wide.  The best service for schools districts is a combination of accepting applications and actively recruiting candidates for your position.

5. Does your firm have experience working in districts with a diverse population? Can you bring us a diverse candidate pool?

Our firm has worked successfully in many districts where minority populations comprise the majority membership of the school district. We have an excellent record of including women and minority leaders in our candidate pool. Our firm is also represented by highly successful minority consultants.

6. Is the search guaranteed?

If the educational executive resigns or is dismissed for cause within twelve months of the starting date, the School Exec Connect consultants will conduct a new search for the board at no additional fees to the board except costs. We also guarantee we will not recruit a school administrator we place throughout the term of the first contract.

7. Tell us about your other consulting services?

We have an array of services that support Boards of Education and District Leadership including Strategic Planning, Team Building, and Superintendent Evaluations.  We will tailor our services to your specific needs and provide references from satisfied clients.

8. What will the School Exec Connect consultants do for us?

If you are engaged in an executive search, School Exec Connect search consultants will take you through all stages of the search from the initial planning meeting to the final signing of the contract by the new school administrator.  Throughout the search, your consultants will communicate with you, assure that you feel knowledgeable and secure throughout all phases of the process, and give you specific strategies and assistance in areas such as salary information and suggested interview questions.
If you wish to engage our consultants for other leadership consulting, we will meet with you and tailor a plan that specifically meets your needs.

9. How does our district learn more about a possible search for our district or about consulting opportunities for our district?

Call the School Exec Connect office at 952-210-2790 or use this website to contact Ken Dragseth, the firm’s president.  We will answer your questions, and if you wish, prepare a proposal for you.  After reviewing the proposal, you may request that members of the firm make a face-to-face presentation for your board or superintendent.